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Welcome to Pacific County 

Washington State University Pacific County Extension connects the people of Pacific County to the research and knowledge bases of the state's land grand research university providing solutions to local problems and stimulating local economies.  Our county-based educators work with partners in your communities to provide educational programs and leverage the broad resources of a major uPacific County Courthouse Pondniversity to resolve issues and create a positive future for the residents of Pacific County.

Our local programs include the 4-H program, Master Gardeners, Agriculture, Cranberry Production, Family Living, Marine Resources, Forestry and Timber Production.These are just some of the various programs we offer here in our wonderful WSU Pacific County Extension office. In addition, Washington State University provides over 2,200 publications, numerous online educational opportunities, and other statewide educational programs and technical assistance from four Research and Extension Centers, 15 Academic Departments and six of WSU's Academic Colleges.



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