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Note:  The Faculty/Staff information on this page comes from the Extension online directory.    Do not try to directly change or remove the listings on this page; instead, edit the online directory.

Individuals can edit their own entry by logging in at https://cahnrsdb.wsu.edu/directory/individualEdit/login.aspx

Each department or location has a representative who can make changes for their group.  That person can log in at https://cahnrsdb.wsu.edu/directory/administrator/login.aspx

For assistance with adding or changing entries in the Extension online directory, contact:

Becky Priebe, (509) 335-2842,  priebeb@wsu.edu

WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center Faculty & Staff Directory
Director: Stark, John D.
Assistant to the Director :  
2606 W Pioneer (mailing)Phone: (253) 445-4500
2606 W Pioneer (street)FAX: (253)445-4571
Puyallup, WA 98371-4998

Albice, Christa
Title: Program Coordinator
Email: albice@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4541

Anderson, Sandra M
Title: Program Coordinator
Email: sandra_anderson@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4515

Andreas, Jennifer E
Title: Ext Regional Specilaist
Email: jandreas@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4657

Aragon, M Catalina
Title: Extension Coordinator Specialist, SNAP ED
Email: c.aragon@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4529

Armstrong, Cindy
Title: Finance Budget Manager, CSANR
Email: armstrongc@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4626

Ashworth, Gayle
Title: Fiscal Specialist 2--4-H Foundation
Email: ashworthg@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4570

Bary, Andrew I
Title: Scientific Assistant
Email: bary@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4588

Bembenek, Richard E
Title: AGR Research Technician III
Email: bembenek@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4538

Bod, Curtis H
Title: Const & Maint Proj Spec
Email: cbod@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4622

BoyEs, Pat
Title: Program Director, 4-H
Email: boyesp@wsu.edu
Phone: (253) 445-4589
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